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How cultural context of a microblog affects its social impact?

Microblog Cultural Contextualization 2017 lab introduction

Tuesday 18 October 2016, by Eric SanJuan

These are the slides used to presented at CLEF 2016 in Evora to introduce the CM2 lab.

Overall Procedure

  1. Take a microblog about an event with an url.
  2. Identify its language.
  3. Identify a related cultural event or filter it out.
  4. Reveal When, Where, Who ...
  5. Relate it to Wikipedia entities

2017 Organization

  • Task 1: language, filtering and localization lead by Toulouse, Montréal and Paris starts … now!
  • Task 2: entity extraction, summarization and linking starts in November 2016 lead by Avignon, London University and Syllabs.
  • Task 3: time-line illustration starts in January 2017 lead by Grenoble.

More inside the slides ...

View online : Evora’s CM2 lab presentation slides