Poster Presentation

Posters sessions will be held on Monday and Tuesday. They will include both posters from labs and posters accepted in the main conference. The recommended format for posters is A0.

Concerning lab posters, the tentative program is the following:

  • Monday: CENTRE, eRisk, MC2, and LifeCLEF
  • Tuesday: CheckThat, eHealth, ImageCLEF, LifeCLEF, and PAN

Please note that the posters' booster session on Monday and Tuesday concerns posters accepted in the main conference. There is no posters' booster for lab posters. However, lab organizers will be invited to present during 10 min their lab (the task and main results) in the "2018 Lab Overviews" session.

Please make sure your poster is hung and ready for presentation when the poster session starts. Posters may be displayed for the entire conference period. You are kindly requested to remove your poster at the end.
Each poster panel can fit two posters one in each side. Poster board height and width are 1.74m and 1.19m, respectively. Poster maximum size is A0 displayed in vertical orientation.